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Ministerial Staff
Elder Eddie Gresham
Elder Kenneth Rosier
Elder Jeffery Mize 
Minister P.J. Blue
Minister Percy Donald

Health Minister/ Parrish Nurse

Sister Debra Julius

Department of Women
Church Mother- Dorothy Ware, Assistant Jurisdictional Supervisor, Tennessee Eastern First Jurisdiction
Prayer Warrior- Sister Jackson Elnora
Prayer and Bible Band- Sister Priscilla Simmons

Hospitality - Sister Gezelle Kyle

Vivian A. Gwinn, Evangelist
Mary Bell, Evangelist
Deborah Bailey, Missionary

Jurisdictional Prelate - Bishop Felton M.  Smith

Jurisdictional Supervisor - Mother  Inez   Millhouse


Chairman of Deacon Board - Leroy  Watts



Music Department


Minister of Music/Organist - Deacon J. Bagwell



 Minister P.J. Blue

 Tommeka Jackson

 Joshua Jefferson


"The Trinity Trumpets"

Wilks Chandler
Reverend Percy Donald
Chris Donald


Electric Bass
George Williams
Patrick Mize

Youth Department - Minister P.J. Blue


Sunday School Department Ministry

Brother Sam Taylor - Superintendent
Deacon Jeff Ward - Education Secretary

Sunday School Teachers
Mother Dorothy Ware
Sister Anna Taylor
Sister Deborah Julius
Deacon Jeff Ward
Minister Earnest Blue
Deacon Leroy Watts








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